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Know Your Energy Makeup: A Key to a Better Life
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“Those who know others are learned,
Those who know themselves are wise.”
– Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu, Chapter 33, Sentence 1

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The Taoists studied the ways of the universe for thousands of years. They discovered a comprehensive system of knowledge and practices to help us better understand ourselves and our place in life.  Unique tools which consist of yin yang, five elements, and eight trigrams, enable us to explore the energies that influence our lives.  Most of the time, we are unaware of the effects of these forces upon us.  We can become blissfully ignorant.  As a result, certain negative patterns keep surfacing and we suffer unnecessarily.

We learn Tai Chi and Qigong to positively influence our personal health and well-being.  Fontane has been teaching a system of Qigong to a dedicated group of students who are now in their advanced training.  This body of knowledge has a number of powerful practices to awaken internal energy to improve your health.  It also contains methods for understanding your unique pre-birth energy.  Your energy constitution is revealed through your birth date, time, and place of birth.  Fontane is able to decipher this vital information using the 5 elements (the yin and yang of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) to help you understand yourself, your relationships and your life.  Fontane will also show you some easy ways (using material objects – a form of feng shui) to create balance in your energy system to bring more luck and contentment.


This understanding of yourself is invaluable and will benefit you in all aspects of life, especially in your relationships with people at work and home.  Also, being aware of your family members’ energy disposition and the dynamics among them facilitates greater acceptance and harmony, allowing each person to reach their full potential.  Parents will find this insight extremely useful in helping them to nurture their children, enabling them to grow to become more well rounded and balanced individuals.

When the details of the pre-birth energy are revealed, people usually have quite a few Aha moments.  Suddenly, things make sense.  These revelations bring an acceptance of themselves and others which has a very healing effect.  

In short, this knowledge has the capacity to change your life for the better!

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If you would like to make an inquiry or book a face-to-face or Zoom appointment, please email Fontane with these details: place of birth, birth date, and time (please specify whether you are certain of the time or it is an estimate).

Duration is 1 hour 15 minutes for each individual birth chart.
Fees: $240- per birth chart.  $200- per birth chart for students who are enrolled in Tai Chi, Qigong or Wu Dao Gong and their immediate family members.  Once booked, please pay using our secure payment facility below.
We welcome payment by credit card – M/C, visa, Amex.

Full Amount $240

Academy Student $200

Read what people gained from knowing their Energetic Blueprints:

“Feeling a bit stuck at the moment, I thought I would benefit from an energy reading by Fontane. I wasn’t prepared for her uncanny ability to accurately outline my energy makeup and how it works. Most importantly, she also explained ways I could better balance my energy and harmonize with life.
        What Fontane presents is not a prescription for grandiose external changes, but a more internal approach: that of self-acceptance, letting balance and positive transformation arise from working with one’s own nature – not against it.
        I highly recommend a session with Fontane to assess one’s own makeup and learn from her guidance.”
Ben, Timber Worker

“I have done a lot of self-development work over the years, so I was surprised to see the accuracy and depth of the things that came up in the consultation based purely on the timing of my birth.
        Overall, the consultation with Fontane was very insightful! She was clear and sensitive in giving feedback and in addition to gaining a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. I was also provided with a lot of practical suggestions to bring more balance to life.
        The consultation also allowed me to have a gentle laugh at some of the tendencies I have when I am out of balance (e.g. I’m prone to overthinking and doing too many things). Since the consultation, I have been able to more clearly notice when things are going in this direction. I feel a sense of compassion and humour in these moments, being able to have a little chuckle to myself about it, and have been more able to do something useful to bring myself back on track.
        Thanks, Fontane!”
Peter, Counsellor

“I have been researching and practicing Qigong for 25 years. Energy development has a huge knowledge base underpinning its effective application. It can be as simple as a single exercise such as Embrace the Tree posture or incredibly comprehensive. The broadest view of energy development comprises :
● breath and energy regulation – sitting, standing, and moving
● environmental energy flows called Feng Shui
● the effects of seasonal change on the body, especially in how to prevent common illness associated with temperature change
● the effect of diet on the health and energy of the body – food can be used as medicine to cleanse, nourish or balance the body
● ethics/morality and the development of virtuous qualities
● philosophy and qi theory
● expansion of consciousness
● divination skills, energy makeup charting
        Fontane has remarkable talent and natural ability in Qigong, as well as extensive training from high level teachers in the above aspects of energy development.
        Qigong views the whole of life as an interplay of energies. The energy makeup chart enables deep insight to be gained into your own unique predispositions, both positive and negative. It enables you to capitalise on the positive traits and balance your energy when you notice negative traits arising.
        Dealing with pre-birth energy, the chart provides valuable insight into your own core energies that existed prior to any conditioning in this life. It is a reflection of both your raw spiritual and genetic energies. A clearer understanding of the situations and life path you find yourself in can be gained from the chart reading.
         For me personally, the chart reading was very accurate. It revealed a particular strong element influence in my energy makeup. This reflects my tendency to want to do everything at once, constantly starting all kinds of projects and getting frustrated when it all doesn’t come together as quickly as I wanted. Just knowing that this strong influence is in my energy makeup and that it would best serve me by completing one project at a time has already helped me make considerable progress on a couple of projects.
        Ultimately, knowledge of the energy makeup chart gives you understanding into your unique energy formula, so you can use that knowledge to increase positive inner qualities, improve health and harmony in your life and avoid potential pitfalls.”
Chris, Soft Tissue Therapist

“We found the Energy Makeup very interesting for us both on a personal level and as a couple. We found out how and why we are both affected (good and bad) by certain elements, emotions, and states of mind, etc. which play a part in our relationship with ourselves and one another. This gave us insight into certain positive and negative tendencies, traits, and habits that are present or potentially could arise in the relationship.
        This was an important reminder and lesson for us as it showed that you can’t totally ‘blame’ the other person. We all have our own predispositions. You really have to accept your partner for who he/she is and not take things ‘too personally’ when your other half is not acting the way you prefer.
        We highly recommend this for anyone/couple who wants to learn something more about themselves and their relationships with the people close to them. Have a laugh at the same time!”
John-Pierre, Earthmoving/Construction Contractor & Olga, Medical Equipment Sales Representative

“It was very interesting to meet with Fontane for an Energy Makeup Consultation and I found the information fascinating. The knowledge helped clarify a number of things for me. In the relatively short time since the consultation, it has been particularly helpful in the following ways:
● enabled me to better understand and actively work on my innate nature;
● made me conscious of some habitual reactions that get in the way of more positive emotional responses to everyday life situations;
● made me more aware of negative reactions to people and situations and to understand possible reasons for this;
● ways that I can better balance those elements that play an important role in my life.”

Tai Chi Academy

“I found the personality and character analysis aspects of the Energy Makeup Consultation from Fontane surprisingly accurate concerning certain mental and psychological tendencies I tend to exhibit.
        Also interesting was why this might be so :
● in relation to the Taoist Five Elements theory,
●  its relationship to the various energies/elements associated with each of the organ groups in the body, and
●  how one might begin to re-balance a deficiency or excess of one or more of these elements.
        Currently, I’m beginning to employ some of the recommendations to increase a couple of the elements I’m lacking in, with promising early signs.
        I can certainly recommend it to anyone for more insight into your overall makeup and how you can begin to re-calibrate.”
Graeme (Retiree)

“Thank you Fontane for giving me some insight into my energy makeup.  I found it very interesting.  Some of it was very true to my personality.  This understanding will help in my general personal growth.  I will know how to use the energy to focus and I will be able to accept my strengths and weaknesses.  Some information was helpful in a practical sense, for example, which compass direction to face when doing my Tai Chi practice.  Mostly, it gave me more perspective on my life long adoption of Tai Chi.”
Jack, Law Enforcement Officer

“I found Fontane’s Energy Makeup Analysis profound, insightful, and fun.  She elaborates on your energy road-map and offers simple ways to work with it.  I particularly enjoyed and found useful the focus on family dynamics and interactions.  Now the trick is to put the insight into practice.  I recommend this to anyone who wants to understand their life better and get more out of it.”
Stephen, Artist / Web Developer

“During my recent consultation, it was very interesting to hear all the factors that come together to make up ‘me’.  I wasn’t surprised by most of the personality traits.  I felt like they described me perfectly.  It was reassuring and encouraging to find out some things about myself that I already believed but wasn’t sure if anybody else could see it. 
        It was great to hear about balancing the energy using colour and material objects, although I was pretty surprised to find out what colours I should be using.  They are not ones I would usually relate to and are the opposite what I would usually choose.  But I have started introducing them around me anyway.  I’ve already noticed that it does seem restful to look at them, even though my first thought was ‘those colours are not me’!
        After years of knowing Fontane, I trust her and have great faith in her advice, so I am sure it’s got to be good for me.  It will be interesting to see the effect of the changes over time.”
Kath, Freelance Editor

“While still grappling with issues like getting the right colour clothing to wear, I am beginning to make sense of the Energy Makeup Consultation I had last week with Fontane.
        Having confidently obtained my time of birth through my first ever attempt at dowsing, as I couldn’t find any other way of sourcing this information, I felt right that the consultation was going to be of value, and it was.  I got congruity and depth not found on the net.  Not only hidden aspects of myself were revealed, but new directions to explore and some potentially transformative tools I can use in difficult situations as well.  It made sense to me and seemed to have a basis of wisdom behind it.  I can recommend it.”
Brad, Life Renovator and Explorer

“Fontane did an Energy Makeup Analysis for both myself and my 10-year-old son.  Her detailed explanation of the energies at play gave us some surprisingly accurate insight into the way we think and act.  She also provided a lot of practical advice about ways to address not only our individual issues but also the way we interact with each other.
        I highly recommend a consultation with Fontane to give you a different perspective on the way you live your life and to better understand your relationships with other people.”
Jack, Public Servant

“When I was younger, a friend’s father offered to do my birth numbers for me.  The result was just a bit of fun with nothing much hitting the mark.  Fontane told me about her birth energy system and its connection with Qigong, so I decided to give it a go.
        The results were very different from my friend’s father.  Fontane was able to tell me things that seemed very much on the mark and tie them into my Qigong practice.  She gave me some practical advice and tips to help my Qigong practice and my life in general.  Fontane also calculated my wife’s birth energy chart and then merged our two charts together.  No more secrets anymore, as a lot of things once revealed seemed really obvious and gave me some useful insight.
        I would recommend anyone with an interest in getting more out of their Qigong practice or some useful insight into life, in general, to have a birth energy chart done.”
Tony, Retailer

“I decided to go ahead with my pre-birth energy consultation to understand my personal relationship to the energy system in which our practices come from.  I started Tai Chi and Wu Dao Gong internal martial arts a few years ago.  Every practice I have learned since with the Academy has built to a more powerful experience.  My birth chart was no exception.
        Discussing my chart with Fontane was important.  Some of the learning was expected, some aspects were surprising and some challenging.  But it was a breath of fresh air to just know that it was all part of me and that the system has ways to strengthen and balance aspects of my pre-birth energy for health and other benefits.  During the consultation, we talked about how to apply these to my specific energy makeup.
        Since receiving my chart, I do feel different – more understanding and accepting of myself and more relaxed in family, work, and life situations.  My training have also benefited by a better understanding of my energy nature.”
Robyn, Manager

“Having my energy makeup read by Fontane was a most intriguing and eye-opening revelation.  Using a very unique method, the reading described traits of mine.  Many of which I immediately recognized as extraordinarily accurate and others, quite deeply ingrained in the subconscious, were brought up to the surface after days or weeks of pondering over them.
        Fontane also drew up my brother’s chart and further explained how he and I interact.  Although a number of things made sense, it left me realising how much I actually don’t know about my nearest remaining next of kin and has fuelled my curiosity about what makes him tick.  In saying this, I have recently seen him again after quite some time.  Some attributes Fontane mentioned became spookily apparent when he spoke.
        Just the same as any of the training taught at the Academy – Tai Chi, Wu Dao Gong and Qigong, this reading has an incredible depth to it, allowing one to discover the relevance each element has to one’s life (the more it is contemplated).
        If you would like to find out more about who you are and how you can improve your life by becoming aware of what constitutes your makeup, Fontane’s reading comes highly recommended.”
Janie, Public Servant

Tai Chi Academy


Tai Chi Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 30 Apr.

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