Tai Chi Academy

Experience the 3 Facets of Chinese Internal Health & Martial Arts

Wudang Taoist Qigong, Army Xingyi & Push Hands

Suitable & beneficial for everyone. Enjoyable to do. No experience is necessary.

Conducted by Chief Instructor Brett Wagland

who has 40 years of experience in teaching internal arts

Mon & Wed 16, 18, 23 & 25 Jan 2023      6pm to 7.45pm St. Vincent’s Primary School Outdoor Courtyard (enter via Hall) Bindel Street, Aranda * $200- (GST included) * Students who also enrol in Term 1 (2023) Tai Chi or Wu Dao Gong are eligible for a special rate of $160-

Bookings are essential.
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Full Rate $200

Academy Student Rate $160

The purpose of this short course is to help you loosen up, improve co-ordination and get stronger as well as calming the mind, enabling you to enter into an energy state as you exercise.

(1)  Some of the Wudang Taoist Qigong movements will serve as part of the warm-ups to open the shoulder, waist and hip joints, enabling qi (energy) to flow smoothly throughout your system. The movements are designed to open and stimulate the major meridians. They have the dual purpose of healing and self-defence.

(2)  The main part of the course is on the core movements of the Army Xingyi. Its full name is Xinyi Liuhe Quan which translates as Heart Mind Six Harmony Boxing. These movements are very powerful, practical and easy to learn. During the course, you will be taught the essence of the art and how to use it against different types of attacks, such as grabs and punches. The learning is safe and does not require you to spar with an opponent.

Practising these Army Xinyi movements will build a solid foundation for your health. It will improve your Tai Chi or any other type of training you do. The movements emphasis good posture, strong legs, flexible waist and relaxed shoulders. They also teach you to generate power from the ground and co-ordinate the whole body whenever you move. The Army Xinyi promotes confidence and power tempered with calmness and relaxation.

(3)  The last component of the course is Push Hands which a two-person practice that enables you to understand yourself in terms of alignment and structural strength. Through practising with a partner, it will enable you to understand another person’s centre and co-ordination. Push Hands is a safe and fun way to explore the major principles of training while in contact with a partner. There are drills that we will explore, such as sensitivity, neutralising force and ward-off power which are skills that Tai Chi is famous for.

Learning and practising the above components will give you greater health, self-confidence and an art form that can transform you in many ways. These arts are considered treasures in traditional Chinese culture. The more you practise, the deeper your experience, the greater the level of self-satisfaction you will realise.

This course is ideal for students currently attending Tai Chi or Wu Dao Gong who would like to gain deeper understanding of their training and experience the many benefits that these arts have to offer.


Tai Chi Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 30 Apr.

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Grandmaster Feng Zhi Zhang, founder of our Hun Yuan Tai Chi system, is featured in the book.

“Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”, by Michael Moss

“The Web that has No Weaver : understanding Chinese medicine”, by Ted J. Kaptchuk