Tai Chi Online Course
for Relaxation & Better Health
Level 1
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Retreat - late 2020

Tai Chi & Meditation Retreat
at SIBA, East Gippsland
late 2020
Dates to be confirmed



Internal Martial Arts

For information on Wu Dao Gong
& Yang Mian Explosive Power,
visit the Canberra Kung Fu Academy


Tai Chi Online Courses
Continuing Students
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Refinement with Brett, Fontane
Tai Chi Workshop
date to be announced

China Trip

Guangzhou & Yunnan
29 Dec 2019 to 10 Jan 2020

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Unique Workshop

Tai Chi Bang (Stick) Workshop
details to be announced


*  View Tai Chi demonstrations by founder of the Hun Yuan Tai Chi System - click on Gallery in the Main Menu.
Free support classes for online course subscribers are available in Aranda, Weston and Woden.  Lasted updated 29 July - see individual level for details. 


Tai Chi Workshop

details to  be announced