Tai Chi Academy

Qigong: the Art of Living Well in Body, Mind and Spirit

– Fontane Ip

Everyone would like to be healthy and strong and enjoy a high quality of life up to a ripe old age.  However, every activity in life costs us energy; even digestion requires energy.  Food and sleep do not appear to be sufficient to sustain our vitality.  So what is this magic that will rejuvenate our lives?  

        The Taoists were China’s premier healers and scientists.  They spent centuries researching ways to improve health and longevity and to realise one’s true nature.  Chinese medicine and practices such as Qigong (energy cultivation) and Tai Chi are a testament to the results of their research. 

        The Taoists discovered that the secret to living well is to boost one’s energy levels by building up the energy reservoir and improving the functioning of the energy.  Qigong employs various methods to increase the amount of energy, balance the energy and enable it to circulate freely and smoothly throughout the body as it nourishes the organs, vessels, connective tissues and muscles. 

        There is a group of students who have been progressing in the Energy for Life Qigong System.  Self Healing Qigong and the Microcosmic Orbit foundation training have enabled them to truly realise the meaning of self-help.  Some have recovered from serious illnesses through these practices.  Calmness and well being are now their companions.  Their training is their source of strength and support.

        Some of these students have moved to an advanced level.  With the Advanced Self Healing Qigong, they realised how much training the body-mind requires.  Ignorance was not bliss.  Now that the practice has broken through some major energy stagnation (which they were not even aware of), they can experience clarity of mind and a body that feels good and free.  They can also see that energy stagnation contributes to various health issues, from headache, allergies to simply feeling flat.  They now share my enthusiasm and excitement over the Advanced Self Healing Qigong.  Some commented that they are surprised that they feel noticeably stronger after just 5 weeks.

        You might wonder who has time to do all the practices taught so far.  The system is designed in such a way that different practices address different aspects of an individual’s energy structure, from the surface to deeper and deeper layers.  Except for the Microcosmic Orbit, we usually follow practice for 3 to 6 months only.  Once its purpose is served, we are ready to move on to another practice.  It is similar to moving from one scenic lookout to another while travelling up a mountain, eventually arriving at the top of the mountain to enjoy the magnificent view.

        Some of these students were motivated to practise because of health conditions and did not wish to be on medication for life.  Since they led a reasonably healthy lifestyle, they were caught by surprise when they became ill.  The cause of chronic disease often has its roots in the energy structure.  If one’s energy is not strong by nature, there is a limit to how long the body can cope without comprising the function of various organs.  The fact that Qigong practice has enabled these students to recover and reduce or eliminate medication confirms that good energy is necessary to support the functioning of the body-mind.  It is also amazing that different illnesses, for example, a variety of immune-related diseases (both over-active and under-performing), can all be helped by the same Qigong, such as the Self Healing Qigong.  When there is good vibrant energy, healing will occur.

        Some of these students now appreciate Tai Chi as a high-level Qigong to be practised for life.  Tai Chi is a unique method for circulating the energy so that it nourishes every part of the body.  Since Qigong has helped these students to build up their energy reservoirs, they now experience strong energy flow through major energy centres while doing Tai Chi.  They are reaping the rewards of their Qigong training.  As well as enabling the energy to function optimally, Tai Chi becomes very enjoyable.   

        One student stated that he felt happy while practising his Tai Chi and that doing many rounds of the form became effortless.  When he mentioned it in class, we knew he had experienced something special.  He’s smiling, glowing face said it all.  He had tasted the nectar!  Feeling happy is one of the proven results.  When your energy is strong and balanced and you are simply one with the movements, you experience your true nature.  Feeling happy for no reason is a natural by-product.  We, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, all feel good from our Tai Chi practice.  However, when there is plentiful energy to be circulated as we do Tai Chi, the sensation is heavenly.  This is an experience to look forward to!

        Students have commented that they are very glad the Academy offers this unique Energy for Life Qigong system which brings fast and effective results.  As well as improving their health, they feel inspired in their lives.  When you have good energy, your zest for life is naturally contagious.  Your family members and those around you will also be touched by your centredness.  I feel very privileged to be able to introduce this Qigong system to you.  I feel very blessed for receiving this training from my Qigong teacher, Master Liu.  May your life continue to be enriched by your practice of Tai Chi and Qigong!


Tai Chi Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 30 Apr.

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