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Discover the Path to Wellness: Yang Sheng Gong

This Nourishing Life Qigong promotes health and vitality by balancing and harmonising the body’s energy

Easy & enjoyable! Suitable for Everyone. No experience is necessary.

Are you looking to improve your overall health and well-being?  Do you seek a natural and holistic approach to achieve a balanced and harmonious life?  Welcome to the world of Yang Sheng Gong, an ancient Qigong practice that has stood the test of time in promoting longevity and vitality.

Yang Sheng Gong, also known as “Nourishing Life Exercise”, is based on ancient Taoist methods for nurturing the mind, body and spirit.  These gentle movements enhances qi (energy) flow throughout the body, promoting better circulation and vitality.  It brings you back into balance with nature and the Tao, harmonising human, earth and sky.  Human corresponds to the joints and sinews and general strengthening of the body.  Earth is associated with breathing and detoxification.  Sky is connected to internal energy circulation.

The training involves addressing the weaknesses of the body, such as the joints, sinews, respiratory, immune, digestive, circulatory, endocrine and energetic systems.  The movements improve detoxification and harmonies yin and yang in the body.  They develop suppleness and co-ordination of the mind and body.

The Yang Sheng Gong will strengthen your energy field which is weakened through negativity in the form of thoughts, pollution, poor diet, overwork, tiredness, illness, fear and anxiety.  During the course, you will learn ways of brightening the energetic field.  This vibrancy is obvious in happy children and people who are content and joyful.

This Yang Sheng Gong originates in the Wudang mountains, a Taoist sanctuary where methods of cultivation and ways of living a better quality of life flourish.

Chief instructor Brett Wagland has trained with both well-known and hidden masters in China.  He has a wealth of experience in the internal health and martial arts.  He has been teaching these precious arts to people from all walks of life for over 40 years.

Join the course and experience the many benefits and joys of the Yang Sheng Gong!  You will feel relaxed, refreshed and revitalised!  Invest in your health today will reward you with a lifetime of wellness tomorrow.

This online qigong course for wellness and vitality is excellent in value!  Lifetime access.  You will be able to view the videos anywhere, anytime, over the internet.  By subscribing to the streaming video course for AUD$100 (GST included), you will receive the following:

– Learn the Yang Sheng Gong unique Warm-up Exercises
– Learn the Main Sequence  
– Learn the Standing Postures  


Practise with Brett:
– Practise the Warm-up Exercises 
– Practise the Main Sequence
– Practise the Complete Form (warm-up exercises & main sequence) 

The Yang Sheng Gong video lessons vary from 22 mins to 55 mins.

Soothing, relaxing background music on all videos. 


Tai Chi Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 30 Apr.

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