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Experience the Powerful Uncommon Qigong for Deep Nourishment

Do you know that your Spleen has an enormous influence over your Stomach and hence your digestive health?

Suitable & beneficial for everyone.  Easy & enjoyable to do.
No experience is necessary.

Conducted by Fontane

who has 32 years of experience in teaching internal health arts

For the Sitting Qigong, please bring:
•  a long sleeved shirt (essential)
•  meditation cushion & blanket if you wish to sit on the floor
Chairs are available.  Bring a cushion if you prefer a softer seat.



Both western and traditional Chinese medicine recognise the importance of the spleen in our immune defence against infection.  It serves to filter blood, produce red blood cells and provide white blood cells (natural killer cells, T cells & B cells) and antibodies for your immune system.   As you age, the capability of your immune system also becomes diminished.


However, in both Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine, the Spleen is more than just an anatomical unit.  It has many other functions, especially in terms of energy.  The Spleen is a yin organ.  The other side of the coin is the Stomach (a yang organ).  Since they belong to one system, the digestive function is compromised once the Spleen is weak.  Hence, you can eat a healthy diet and yet not enjoying the best of health because your system is not able to absorb the nutrients.


When the Spleen is under stress, these are some of the common symptoms one experiences:
• fatigue, lack of energy
• hard to lose weight
• digestive &/or gut issues
• feel bloated
• weak muscles & limbs easily tired
• itchy skin, hives, eczema, psoriasis

If these issues are not addressed early and become chronic, one’s health can be seriously compromised.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, your tongue can give you some indications of your health.  The telling signs that the Spleen is under the weather:

  • a vertical line (groove) lengthwise in the middle of the tongue, and/or
  • half-circle indentations around the edge of the tongue (due to tongue swollen pressing against teeth)


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • the factors that gradually weaken the Spleen
  • the chain reaction of a weakened Spleen which causes a myriad of seemingly unrelated diseases (from chronic fatigue, digestive issues, skin problems, weak immune system to autoimmune conditions), especially during the spring season
  • food therapy – food that will strengthen the Spleen and the ones to avoid during the repair phase
  • 3 semi-dynamic Qigong movements to strengthen your system and a unique Sitting Qigong to remove energy stagnation from the Spleen. After this simple yet most unusual Qigong, you will feel refreshed.


This workshop will be presented by Fontane who specialises in energy cultivation and meditation practices. She is highly regarded by all those who learn from her.  She speaks about significant aspects which are rarely discussed.  This knowledge is usually not taught openly.  Take advantage of this opportunity to gain this understanding and skill to improve your health!

- Workshop: Sun 11 Sep 2022 2pm to 5pm St. Vincent's Primary School Hall Bindel Street, Aranda
  - Zoom: 2-week course • 1st week: Tues 13, Thurs 15 Sep 2022 • 2nd week: Tues 20, Thurs 22 Sep 2022
  You only need to attend ONE session each week. However, you are welcome to attend as many sessions as you wish during the course.
  7.15pm to 8.45pm (Canberra, Australia time) for all sessions
  Follow this link to see your local time if you live in other time zones,

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