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Nourish Your Energy & Heal Your body with Wudang Inner Essence Qigong

Suitable & beneficial for everyone.  Easy & enjoyable to do.
No experience is necessary.

Conducted by Chief Instructor Brett Wagland

who has 40 years of experience in teaching internal health arts

The Wudang Inner Essence Qigong is a simple yet powerful set of semi-dynamic movements that can deeply affect your health and well being. This qigong set is a favourite among our annual April retreat participants.  These 5 movements are easy to learn and they do not involve stepping.

When I was on Mount Wudang, every morning at 5am, we stood at the moun-tain top prac-tising this qigong.  We peered into the swirling mists, as we waited for the first rays of the sun.  This set of exercises is the perfect way to awaken the body and prepare for the day. When you finish the set, you will feel every cell of your body vibrating and pulsating with energy. This would last the whole day through.

In Taoism, these exercises come under the banner of yang sheng (nourishing life) practices.  They foster your health and well-being by nurturing your body, mind and spirit.  This set contains movements that
• clean the lungs
• open the spine
• stretch the tendons
• stimulate the meridians
• remove pathogens
• increase the power of the immune system
• replenish the original qi (energy) and
• build the power of the Lower Dan Tian, the body’s energetic centre in the lower abdomen

With names of the movements, such as the Immortal Pays Reverence to Nature, the Red Phoenix Greets the Sun and Protecting the One,  we get a sense of the Taoist principles and their deep connection of this qigong with the universe.

Master Li from Mount Wudang stated that this set can give the sick a lifeline to hold on to and raise the level of health for anyone who practises them.  This art is connected to an ancient tradition called the Tao of longevity which is part of a comprehensive body of knowledge belonging to the Taoist medicine.

Through practising these movements, we learn to unite stillness and movement or yin and yang, finding balance internally and externally.  From practising this qigong, your energetic field will become stronger.  This force field gives off a positive charge, helping to keep negative influences away.  The mind and body are intricately linked.  Hence, by keeping a strong, positive mind and a relaxed, supple body, you will experience greater health and healing in your life.  Nourish your essence and regain your health and vitality!

Workshop: Sun 28 Aug 2022 2pm to 5pm
& nbsp;
& nbsp; St. Vincent's Primary School Hall
  Bindel Street, Aranda

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