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Life Changing Experience


“A Life Changing Experience”
by Aissa, Dentist

During a recent trip overseas, my husband was run over by a careless driver. He ended up battered, bruised and with broken bones. After the dramatic trip to the local hospital that day, I could not sleep.

In a place where pain killers are a luxury, reaching for an anxiety calming tablet in such a crisis was not an option.

My mind was racing in all directions, my emotions were all over the place.

While pacing our hotel room, I found myself “Balancing Yin Yang” (from Relaxation Fa Soong Gong). I kept doing Tai Chi, Qigong, Flexibility Silk Reeling exercises, etc. I don’t know which sequence I chose or under what heading the movements I was doing came. I just followed my body instincts.

When the neon light of the clock brought me back to reality, it was 3.40 am. It was just past midnight when I started. I kept practising for about 20 minutes or so, trying to re-capture the feeling of weightlessness and floating in the cosmos, before I dropped into bed for the best sleep ever. When I woke up the next day, it was like something I had never experienced before, so SERENE.

It was a life changing experience. I can hardly believe that your gentle encouragement at the end of each session made its way to my mind and brought me such a defining moment in my journey into Tai Chi.

Forever grateful to you for passing on your knowledge.


Tai Chi Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 30 Apr.

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Grandmaster Feng Zhi Zhang, founder of our Hun Yuan Tai Chi system, is featured in the book.

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