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Tai Chi classes (ACT) for Relaxation and Better Health begin 9 to 12 Oct


Invigorate Your Life with Wu Dao Gong Internal Martial Arts : Build Inner Strength, Physical Power & Awaken Your Spirit
Fitness, Inner Strength and Self Defence
begins 10 and 12 Oct

See video clips.

Read an inspiring story of transformation!


Experience the Amazing Health Benefits and the Healing Power of
the Microcosmic Orbit for Yourself!

5 week course : begins Tues 10 Oct
8pm to 9.15pm

Know Your Energy Makeup
a Key to a Better Life
Understand your own
unique energy composition!

New articles:
Can You Steal My Art?!
Xiu Lian - Self Cultivation
The Yin and Yang in Tai Chi
Reflections on the Tai Chi and
        Meditation Retreat, April 2016

What is the Difference between
        Fancy Forms & Gong Fu?

Moving with Awareness Enhances Vitality

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: the reasons that Brett began to learn the art, his Tai Chi journey and what Tai Chi means to him


Interview with Instructor Lis Hoorweg


Interview with Instructor Chris Radnedge : Chris's journey of self development